St. Johns Wort Church


St. Johns Wort Church

‘ Far from the Madding Crowds Ignoble Strife..’  Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Grey. 

This unique garden creation would be a sensational focal point to any garden, adding an old world charm or would be an ideal gift that is unique and handcrafted to the best of British workmanship.Built to last and withstand the British weather St. Johns Wort Church is built up of individual stone and pebbles, patiently and perfectly constructed to form this awesome structure.

‘…In Englands Green & pleasant land’ Jerusalem byWilliam Blake

The corner stones are of red sandstone and it has matching window reveals. Five oak windows complete with imitation stained glass, show the exquisite attention to detail this work of art has. The roof and spire is slated with individual hand cut Welsh slate roof tiles and the spire comes complete with weathervane. A shiny copper ridge and trim to the spire finish this piece off beautifully.There is a cross on opposite transept of the building.

Stained glass effect windows

When the sun shines through the windows it is a delight to see. We can’t guarantee sunshine however! The clock tower shows three clock faces, that unfortunately have all stopped, typically English, but they do give the appearance of authenticity to the piece. You can imagine many a wedding having taken place in this church with the happy couples having their photos taken beneath the solid oak framed porch. It is idyllic.This truly would be an exquisite and unrivalled piece of artwork for your garden.