Snowdrop Cottage

Not your average Fairy House

Carefully and painstakingly built using pebbles and stone it has a delightful front door made from solid oak, complete with tiny brass knob handle and brass hinges. The oak windows are fully glazed. The sloping roof is meticulously tiled using hand cut Welsh slate and topped with a lovely copper trim. There is a quirky, hand painted, working chimney set at a jaunty angle on the side slope.


Snowdrop in the sunshine

Until a Fairy actually moves in, you can give the appearance of little Fairy folk being in residence, by  useing a lighted incense cone inside the cottage and the smoke will come out through the chimney. You can also fit in solar powered lighting to light up the windows to great effect.

Magical Fairy Garden

Approx. Dimensions: 32cm length x 24cm width x 25cm

Price £150  

Made to order.

Free P&P to Uk mainland only. 

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