The ‘Mermaid’ Lighthouse
Price   £500
The ‘Mermaid’ Lighthouse is the newest of Roger J Davies’ works to be added to the Village collection. So named because Roger has a mermaid tattoo on his forearm ! It is hand built in the Enchanted Cottage style, using pebbles, stone, copper, and hand-cut slate with doors and windows made of solid oak.

It has two door entrances to the base of the structure and one at the top of the lighthouse, that opens onto a slate walkway with copper handrail.

There are four windows in the building, one in the Lighthouse keepers cottage and three others around the tower.

The light at the top is constructed of glass, lead and copper and can be removed to fit a bulb. There are two access points for cable insertion into the building.

This beautifully constructed pebble Lighthouse will make a fantastic feature in any garden. Built to last and weather ,whatever the Great British climate will throw at it, the Lighthouse can also be fitted with a lightbulb or solar power to create a real life beacon in your garden.


 Approx dimensions 52cmlength x 32cm wide x 66cm high
Available to UK mainland only. Free delivery within UK.

Please enquire for Scottish Highlands

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