A delightful, whimsical ‘Enchanted Cottage’ collection of fairy houses for the garden, can be purchased individually or together. please contact us for details.

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A Pixie Cottage

A Pixie Cottage

The ‘Pixie Pebble’

Price £200
Available only to UK mainland.  Free Delivery to UK mainland only.
Please enquire for Scottish Highlands.
Email daviesj49@yahoo.com
The ‘Pixie Pebble’ Cottage has so much character, not your average fairy house, it really stands out from the crowd. So if you feel you like to be a bit different then the ‘Pixie Pebble’ is definitely for you.

The Pixie Pebble is a larger version of the Periwinkle Cottage.

Reminiscent of typical English coastal ‘flint’ houses, the ‘Pixie Pebble’ will not only serve as a wonderful, unique focal point to your garden but also provides a home for any homeless Pixie you may have. Remember Pixies are lucky. Especially Cornish ones!

This characterful, two storey cottage features a curved roof made of hand cut Welsh slate tiles and topped with copper trim. The main structure of the building has been hand-built using pebbles for the walls and stones for lintels.The rustic front door is hewn from solid oak and has hand made brass hinges and a brass door knob. The two windows are glazed and made from solid oak.

The cottage has a hand painted metal dog-leg flue to add to its quirky, whimsical appearance and you could even put a smoke pellet/incense cone inside, to create realistic smoke coming from out of the flue.
N.B. Do be sure to check the pixies are out when you do this or there could be trouble.When wet with rain the pebbles look totally different but it is sure to keep all Pixies dry whatever the weather.

Dimensions: 45 cm long x 27 cm wide x 40cm height
Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,
personalised with the new owners name.


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Welsh Cottage – Fairy House

Welsh Cottage – Fairy House


  The Welsh Cottage 

Price~ £200
Available only to UK . Free Delivery to UK mainland only.
Enquire for Scottish Highlands.
Email daviesj49@yahoo.com
 ‘Inspired by the ‘land of my fathers’
This stunning ‘Welsh Cottage’ captures the timeless beauty, simplicity and character of a real-life properties in Wales.

 The ‘Welsh Cottage’ is built using traditional methods and techniques. From stone and slate, hewn from the Welsh mountainside, the cottage is built to last. Sturdy and functional but with exquisite charm and attention to detail. There is a solid oak front door with tiny brass hinges and brass door knob. The roof is tiled with hand cut Welsh slates, over 300 to be precise.There is a solid oak front door with tiny brass hinges and brass door knob. The roof is tiled with hand cut Welsh slates, over 300 to be precise.

It is available with either a copper or red tile roof ridge, please let us know which you would prefer when ordering.

It only has two windows made of oak and carefully glazed but in olden days it could be quite gloomy inside. You can even imagine the smell of a coal fire. Of course, nowadays, the modern fairy prefers electric light and there are facilities to add lighting inside
( small hole at rear base to feed wire through).

It is easy to entice fairies to live in your garden especially with this kind of modernity on offer. How delightful it is and reassuring to see little lights flickering in the garden and knowing your fairies are safely home at night.

Of course the ‘Welsh Cottage’ can also be a wonderful focal point in any garden too, a lovely addition to a garden border and always a talking point when a visitor comes across […]

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Large Fairy Tower~

Large Fairy Tower~

‘The Breen’
Price~ £250
Available only to UK mainland . Free Delivery to UK mainland only .
Please enquire for Scottish Highlands
Email daviesj49@yahoo.com
‘Let’s face facts.  You most probably do have fairies at the bottom of your garden ‘
The ‘Breen’, which means ‘fairy palace’ in Irish folklore, is a two storey structure with a circular tower that has its own separate access via a slate staircase and a weatherboard porch at the front.

An original design, it is built up, pebble by pebble and painstakingly tiled with Welsh slate, hand cut to precision, to make this piece a truly unique piece of hand craftsmanship.The solid oak doors and windows are finished to a high standard and it is a structure both sturdy , able to withstand all weathers yet at the same time whimsical, magical and imaginative.

This Fairy Tower could be any youngsters own private castle or would enchant anyone older who also longs for their own private ‘pile’ in the country. It would also suit any well to do fairies of course, but that goes without saying!

Dimensions: 45cm length x 36cm width x 45 cm height

Also available a small Fairy Tower or medium Fairy Tower. Please see ‘Fairy Towers’ in the Gallery.
Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property, personalised with the new owners name.