Welsh Cottage – Fairy House

  The Welsh Cottage 

 Inspired by the ‘land of my fathers’

This stunning ‘Welsh Cottage’ captures the timeless beauty, simplicity and character of a real-life properties in Wales.

The ‘Welsh Cottage’ is built using traditional methods and techniques. From stone and slate, hewn from the Welsh mountainside, the cottage is built to last. Sturdy and functional but with exquisite charm and attention to detail. There is a solid oak front door with tiny brass hinges and brass door knob. The roof is tiled with hand cut Welsh slates, over 300 to be precise.

It only has two windows made of oak and carefully glazed but in olden days it could be quite gloomy inside. You can even imagine the smell of a coal fire. Of course, nowadays, the modern fairy prefers electric light and there are facilities to add lighting inside
( small hole at rear base to feed wire through).

It is easy to entice fairies to live in your garden especially with this kind of modernity on offer. How delightful it is and reassuring to see little lights flickering in the garden and knowing your fairies are safely home at night.

Of course the ‘Welsh Cottage’ can also be a wonderful focal point in any garden too, a lovely addition to a garden border and always a talking point when a visitor comes across it.

Approx. Dimensions: 44cm length x 29cm width x  30cm height

Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,

personalised with the new owners name.

Available to UK mainland only.  

Price~ £175   

Free Delivery to UK mainland only. Enquire for Scottish Highlands.

We accept credit/debit card payment

To place an order or enquire simply email daviesj49@yahoo.com