Pixie Pebble Cottage

‘The Pixie Pebble’

The ‘Pixie Pebble’ Cottage is a favourite of mine. It has so much character, not your average fairy house, it really stands out from the crowd. So if you feel you like to be a bit different and go for a pixie house instead of a fairy house, then the ‘Pixie Pebble’ is definitely for you.

Reminiscent of typical English coastal ‘flint’ houses, the ‘Pixie Pebble’ will not only serve as a wonderful, unique focal point to your garden but also provides a home for any homeless Pixie you may have. Remember Pixies are lucky. Especially Cornish ones, if a trifle difficult. Hence the expression ‘ Pesky Pixies!’

This characterful, two storey cottage features a curved roof made of hand cut Welsh slate tiles and topped with copper trim. The main structure of the building has been hand-built using pebbles for the walls and stones for lintels.

The rustic front door is hewn from solid oak and has hand made brass hinges and a brass door knob. The two windows are glazed and made from solid oak. The cottage has a hand painted metal dog-leg flue to add to its quirky, whimsical appearance and you could even put a smoke pellet/incense cone inside, to create realistic smoke coming from out of the flue.
N.B. Do be sure to check the pixies are out when you do this or there could be trouble.

Imagine how delighted you will be when the Pixies move in and you shout ” Look, there’s a pack of Pesky Pixies in the Pixie Pebble ! ” (Try saying that after a few drops of amber nectar )

Dimensions: 45 cm long x 27 cm wide x 40cm height

Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,

personalised with the new owners name.

Available to UK mainland only.  

Price £200

Free Delivery to UK mainland only. Please enquire for Scottish Highlands.

To place an order or enquire, simply email daviesj49@yahoo.com