Snowdrop Cottage

  ….not your average fairy house!

The beautiful ‘Snowdrop Cottage’ is unique design, a smaller version of the impressive ‘Bluebell Cottage’.

The ‘Snowdrop’ is carefully and painstakingly built using little pebbles and stone. It has a delightful front door made from solid oak, complete with tiny brass knob handle and brass hinges. The windows are fully glazed as you would expect in any modern fairy cottage nowadays and are also constructed from oak. The sloping roof is meticulously tiled used hand cut Welsh slate and topped with a lovely copper trim. There is a quirky, hand painted, working chimney set at a jaunty angle on the side slope.

To give the appearance of that little fairy folk are in residence, you can actually use a lighted incense cone inside the cottage and the smoke will come out through the chimney. All of the ‘Enchanted Cottages’ are built to last, to withstand all elements and climate and are not only fantastic, unusual, individual talking points for your garden, but they can provide shelter and happiness for fairies everywhere.

Dimensions: 32cm length x 24cm width x 25cm

Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,

personalised with the new owners name.

Price ~ £150  

Available to UK only Free p&p

We accept credit/debit  card payment 

To place an order or enquire simply email