Small Fairy Tower~


 ‘Baby Breen’ 

Will enhance any garden or delight any child intent on looking for fairies!

This small Fairy Tower or ‘ Baby Breen’ as I have named it, after the Irish for ‘fairy palace’, is just right for the first time buyer fairy.

In fact, not only fairies will love it, any human who yearns for magic and make believe in their life will appreciate the ‘Baby Breen’.

It is small enough to fit in any garden which is perfect if you don’t have a large space but are looking to add that unique charm and whimsical effect. What is more delightful than coming across a fairy tower nestled amongst the flowers, half hidden from human eye? Who would possibly live in a place like this?

The Baby Breen, with its tower and tiny glazed windows and front door, evokes an enchanted atmosphere to any garden and will delight adults and children alike.

The ‘Baby Breen’ is made with individually placed and selected pebbles.It has a handcrafted solid Oak door complete with hand crafted brass hinges and a tiny brass door knob. The roof is tiled in Welsh slate with a copper pointed turret cone on top which can be either kept clean or left to turn green, vert de gris, to blend in with the garden surroundings.





The Baby Breen is the smallest in the Fairy Tower range. Also available is the  ‘Little Turret’ (medium) and  ‘The Breen’ (large). Please see ‘Fairy Towers’ in the Gallery.

Dimensions:   28cm long x 24cm wide x 30cm height.

Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,

personalised with the new owners name.

Price  ~ £150 

Available to UK only. Free p&p 

We accept credit/debit card payments. 

To place an order or enquire simply email