Periwinkle Cottage

Periwinkle Cottage has three glazed oak windows, one window to the upstairs front, one on the lower level, and one to the side of the building. It has a hand crafted solid oak front door complete with brass hinges and brass door knob. The sloping roof is meticulously tiled with hand cut Welsh slate and has a hand made, hand painted chimney that sits jauntily upon the side.

Discover an Enchanted Cottage…

The ‘Periwinkle’ is sturdy and robust enough to be outside in all weathers and can withstand most climates. It is a picturesque residence and an ideal starting point to create your own ‘Enchanted Cottage’ Fairy Garden collection or as a stand alone piece of garden art.

An enchanting addition to any garden

Approx dimensions 30cm L x 21cm W x 23cm H. 

Price  £150  

Made to order.

Free P&P to Uk mainland only. 

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