Medium Fairy Tower ~

‘ Little Turret ‘

…a magical, mysterious fairy tower that can create an atmosphere of  fantasy  in your garden.

 Built to last, the enchanting ‘Little Turret’ is an original hand crafted design, finished to a very high standard of craftsmanship and is unique to ‘Enchanted Cottages’. Reminiscent of a snails shell, with a winding staircase leading to a doorway at the top, the ‘Little Turret’ is designed to enchant everyone who sees it and yet blend in with natural surroundings at the same time.

Imagine a myriad of hidden corridors and doorways inside leading to chambers that may contain secrets, locked away for hundreds of years. Maybe a fairy needs rescuing or maybe she’s quite happy living there by herself thank you very much. With the power of your imagination, discover the secrets ‘Little Turret’ holds!

The ‘Little Turret’ is a durable, two storey fairy tower that can withstand all weathers and climates. Carefully and patiently built, pebble upon pebble, stone upon stone, the building materials used also include natural materials of slate and oak. Exquisite detail, from the tiny glazed, wooden windows  to the solid oak door, complete with brass hinges and brass door knob, and the hand cut slate steps leading up to it, show the craftsmanship involved in making this structure. The hand cut roof tiles are all precision cut Welsh slate to provide a waterproof roof . The Little Turret is finished off on top with a copper cone that can be left to turn vert de gris, blending in with your garden or cleaned, so as to shine and glint in the sunlight.

This is a ‘must have’ piece of garden art that will delight you, and everyone who sees it, for years to come.

Also available, the ‘Baby Breen’small Fairy tower and a large Fairy Tower ‘The Breen’. Please see ‘Fairy Towers’ in the Gallery.

Dimensions 30cm length x 28cm width x 35 cm height

Every ‘Enchanted Cottage’ comes with its very own Title Deeds to the property,

personalised with the new owners name.

Price ~ £175

Available to UK only. Free p&p 

We accept credit/debit card payment.

To place an order or enquire simply email