The Windmill

  The Windy Mill 

From a bygone era, this quaint and beautifully re-created stone windmill has sails that rotate  in the breeze

The Windmill has a slate roof and covered in pebbles, matching Roger’s ‘Enchanted Cottages’ range. It also has a wooden hood, sails and balcony. It has three windows and two doors. One door is located at the balcony and the other is at the bottom. All windows and doors are made from solid wood. The doors have brass hinges and a brass knob.

Add this to your collection of ‘Enchanted Cottages’ or as a one off stand alone piece of fine craftsmanship for your exterior or interior.

Dimensions:  35cm square base x approx. 90cm height to the top of the sails.

Price ~ £1,000

Made to order. 

Free delivery. Available to UK mainland only. Please enquire for Scottish Highlands   

We accept credit/debit card payment. Deposit of £500 is required on placing an order.

To place an order or enquire simply email