The Water Mill – £500

140604-3649Go back in time with this wonderful, hand-built, Watermill as a unique, decorative feature in your garden. Designed by Roger J. Davies and exclusive to Enchanted Cottages, this miniature structure is lovingly created with such attention to detail.

Centuries ago, Water Mills were everywhere. At the time of its compilation in 1086, the Domesday Book recorded that there were 5,624 watermills in England alone. During the the 19th century, water mills were still the primary method of milling corn, but by the early 1900s, the availability of cheap electrical energy gradu;y made the watermill obsolete.

140604-3637  The Watermill is built from pebbles and riverstone, with a traditional Welsh slate roof and hand-cut ridge tiles.  The doors, window, mill race and the wheel itself are fashioned from local oak. The mill wheel turns on an axle so the simple addition of a tiny water pump would be all that’s required to bring the whole feature to life – with the sound of bubbling water as a magical extra.


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