Foxglove Cottage

Less of a cottage more of an amazing Fairytale house.

With three gabled roofs, stone chimney ,five windows and a solid oak front door this ‘Enchanted Cottage’ stands head and shoulders above the rest. What family of fairies could resist this home and it will look stunning in your garden too.

Built using pebbles and red sandstone cornerstones, the ‘Foxglove’ faces three directions. Two windows on one end have stone lintels and have imitation leaded glass for extra effect. The roof has scalloped edge lead along the ridge.


On the other side of the house there is a tall, stone built chimney and two other  square windows, one larger, one smaller.

There is also to a window to the front of the house, also with imitation leaded glass.There is also a hole in the base at rear to insert lighting cables just in case your Fairies prefer it.