Personalised Title Deed Gift Set

Every homeowner wishes to have their very own

Title Deeds to their property.

When you purchase a property from Enchanted Cottages you can also purchase Personalised Title Deeds. Title Deeds add a personal touch and a lovely, whimsical addition to your Enchanted Cottage and they prove once and for all who owns the property!  Also included is a Potted History of your Enchanted Cottage. The historical accuracy of the document has been meticulously researched  and verified by Honeysuckle Harebell herself.

Potted History of Your Enchanted Cottage

Every Enchanted Cottage property has a unique history. Go back through the ages and discover all about each Enchanted Cottage and its fascinating history and former inhabitants. Ms. Harebell has unearthed the history of these quaint ‘Olde English’ buildings to discover the previous inhabitants of your Enchanted Cottage. A Potted History is an illuminating, whimsical and occasionally humorous read! Also included is an Enchanted Cottage Key and a welcome bottle of ‘Wingworth’ Fairy Dust.

Enchanted Cottage Scrolls

The Title Deed & Potted History documents are printed on A5 marbled paper & tied with ribbon.
Just let us know the new owners name and a special date that you would like on the document and we will do the rest. The document is encased in a cardboard tube and will be packed alongside your Enchanted Cottage ready for delivery.

Price £9.99

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