The Boat House – £350


This charming boathouse is a replica of the ‘Duke of Portland boathouse’ that can be found at Ullswater, Lake District.

It was built in the mid- 18th century, for the Duke of Portland, to replace an older vision that was built in the 17th century.  Lake Ullswater was also an inspiration for Wordsworth’s famous poem where he calls Ullswater “the happiest combination of beauty and grandeur, which any of the lakes affords”.

The boathouse is one of the most photographed buildings in Britain and has been the subject of many paintings and postcards.


Duke of Portland Boat House - Ullswater, Lake District

Duke of Portland Boat House – Ullswater, Lake District

After being commissioned to make a replica, Roger made this stunning boat house that does justice to and is in keeping with, the aesthetic nature of the original. With a similar style as his previous designs, the boat house has a concrete floor, with outer pebble walls and a slated roof. The house consists of three doors, one at the front, French patio doors onto the balcony and the other is at left hand side. The two storey boat house has two windows, a balcony and a jetty on the side then topped off with a chimney on the roof.

Dimensions:  54 cm length x 37.5cm width x 35cm height.

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