Pebble Birdhouse £35

These durable and popular bird nesting boxes are built using solid English hardwood. They have a Welsh slate roof, using hand cut tiles with a copper trim roof ridge. The entrance hole will suit Blue Tit size birds although we have had Great Tits nesting in ours too! They are weatherproof, waterproof and will last year in, year out, as safe homes for your garden wildbirds. The box comes with it’s own hanger and four screws so you can fix it easily wherever you want, on to wood or brickwork. There is also a removable base to enable cleaning.

We advise placing the box in a North Easterly direction, at a safe height away from predators and ensure there is a clear flightpath into the bird box. We have had great success with them in our garden and hope you do too. 

Price  £35 (pebble) also available £30 (plain)

Free P&P

Available to UK mainland only. 

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