Bird Boxes 

Our wild birds need homes and what better accommodation could they find than these delightful, unusual and quirky bird houses.

Built from solid English hardwoods, with hand cut Welsh slate roof, you can choose from either a larger pebbled birdbox or a ‘Quirky’ birdhouse with chimney.

They both have entrance holes to suit Blue Tit size birds. They are weatherproof and durable and will last year in year out as safe dry homes for your garden birds.

Both boxes come with hangers and screws so you an fix your house easily wherever you want it, onto wooden or brickwork. We advise placing box in a North Easterly direction, at a safe height away from predators and that there is a clear flightpath into the bird box

There is also a removable base to enable cleaning.

Pebble Birdhouse




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£45 Pebble front Bird Box   £40 Quirky Birdhouse

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