‘My Enchanted Cottage’ 

Title Deed Gift Set

Add a Personalised Title Deeds Gift Set when you purchase an Enchanted Cottage.

Includes Title Deeds, a History of the property, Enchanted Cottage Key & Fairy Dust

Available to UK only

Price £12.99 free p&p

Personalised Title Deeds

If you have purchased an Enchanted Cottage or have been given one as a gift then you may like to have this document to prove ownership.

Available to UK only. Free p&p. 

1-3 days processing time /  1- 5 day delivery

Price £7.99 


A Potted History

A Potted History tells you a bit about who used to live in the Enchanted Cottages.

As with all old British buildings, they have a fascinating story to tell!

Available to UK only.  Free p&p

1-3 days processing time /  1- 5 day delivery

Price £6.99

Wingworth Dust

Fairies! This specially formulated Wingworth Dust aids mobility for Fairies of all ages. You just wipe your feet in it before you leave the house. Keep a jar by the door at all times for that extra get up & go! 

*Humans Please Note* A bottle of ‘Wingworth’ Dust does make an ideal gift for your Fairies. They love the stuff. The Dust is in a small bottle with cork stopper packed in its own little Lavender scented bag & comes with instructions. Unlike glitter, the Dust itself is Fairy & Wildlife friendly and is made from non- toxic materials.Please be aware it is not suitable for children under 8 years old due to choking hazard and does not assist human flight.

 Available to UK only. Free p&p 

1-3 days processing time /  1- 5 day delivery

Price £5.99

My Fairy Name

Who will you be? This Personalised Fairy Name makes an ideal, whimsical gift for anyone, of any age.

 Each print is personalised with your human name, your Fairy Name and a little information about your ‘Fairyness’. 

Printed on A5 Cream Card ( 7×5 ) & is suitable for framing, a keepsake or proof of identity, should you need it!

It comes with its own plain cream envelope so you can send it on as a gift.

 Available to UK only. Free p&p 

1-3 days processing time /  1- 5 day delivery

Price £8.99