Create your very own Enchanted Fairy Garden

with these magical little Enchanted Cottages.

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Periwinkle Cottage ~ £150

The Periwinkle Cottage  a very desirable & picturesque residence suitable for first time buyer Fairies.

Snowdrop Cottage ~ £150

The beautiful Snowdrop Cottage  can provide shelter and happiness for Fairies everywhere.

Emchanted Penty ~ £150

The Enchanted Penty has a magical Celtic feel to it & is an enchanting addition to any garden, anywhere.

Baby Breen ~ £150

The Baby Breen named after the Irish for ‘Fairy palace’, is just right for upwardly mobile Fairies.

Little Turret £175

The Little Turret is a magical Fairy Tower that will entrance anyone who discovers it.


The Enchanted Fairy Garden set of Four  £500 

Why not create your very own Enchanted Fairy Garden in one go,  

with this set of 4 Enchanted Cottages. 


All Enchanted Cottages are made to order

For all enquiries please Contact us 

Also available to ship to US via our Etsy Shop  (prices may vary)

These larger magical Enchanted Cottages are only available to the UK.

Click on each name to discover more. 

‘The Breen’~ £300

The Breen which means ‘Fairy palace’ in Irish folklore.This Fairy Tower would enchant anyone or any Fairy who longs for their own private ‘magical tower’.

Bluebell Cottage £250

 Bluebell Cottage Inspired by the English wildflower, is a magical, unique Fairy house . It certainly stands out from the crowd and is a very distinguished Fairy residence indeed.

Pixie Pebble Cottage ~ £250

The Pixie Pebble has character, it stands out from the crowd. If you like to be a bit different, go for a Pixie house instead of a Fairy house.

Foxglove Cottage ~ £350

Foxglove Cottage is less of a cottage, more of an amazing Fairytale house. You really will believe there are Fairies at the bottom your garden.

All the Enchanted Cottages are made to order.

These larger Fairy Houses are only available to UK mainland.

Please enquire for Scottish Highlands.

For all enquiries please Contact Us