Create a ‘World of Enchantment’ for your garden with these beautiful, magical Enchanted Cottages.These smaller Enchanted Cottages are an ideal starting point to create your own ‘Enchanted Cottage’ Fairy Garden. Click on the name of each one for more details.

Periwinkle Cottage ~ £150

The Periwinkle Cottage ,named after the small wildflower that grows in the British countryside, is a charming and quaint little two storied dwelling. It is a very desirable & picturesque residence.

Snowdrop Cottage ~ £150

The beautiful ‘Snowdrop Cottage’ is an original design, unique to ‘Enchanted Cottages’.  The ‘Snowdrop’ can provide shelter and happiness for Fairies everywhere.

Emchanted Penty ~ £150

The Enchanted Penty has a traditional quaint Celtic feel to it. ‘Penty’, meaning ‘cottage’ in the Welsh language. It is a little cottage that harks back to a time when life was simpler and houses were built to last. It is an enchanting addition to any garden, anywhere.

Baby Breen ~ £150

This small Fairy Tower or baby ‘Breen’, after the Irish for ‘fairy palace’, is just right for the first time buyer fairy!

Free P&P to Uk mainland only. Please enquire for Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Made to order. Available to UK & US

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