Roger Davies started to build miniature houses over 7 years ago. Originally a builder by trade, he downsized & now his ‘Enchanted Cottages’ are sold worldwide.

Based in Cheshire in the UK, Roger builds all the cottages to order. He initially designed & handcrafted the original ‘Enchanted Cottages’ and also the miniature ‘Village’ pieces, but as popularity and demand for them grew, he designed smaller, replica versions, that made it easier to be shipped around the UK and abroad.

With great skill and craftsmanship, all Rogers’ creations are little works of art.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to place an order for one of the original pieces ( only available to UK mainland) or if you would like to purchase your very own ‘Enchanted Cottage’ direct from this website

or visit the EnchantedCottagesUK Etsy shop