Roger J Davies

Using his experience in construction and with an artists eye for structure and a flair for original design, Roger created ‘Enchanted Cottages’ a collection of unique, imaginative, miniature fairy dwelling places, a whole world of enchantment that everyone can purchase and enjoy in their own gardens. From Fairy towers to tiny cottages, they are all handmade with painstaking attention to detail and the highest standard of craftsmanship. 



 Roger then expanded his portfolio, introducing the more traditional model ‘Village’ collection, that again, is available to purchase here direct from the ‘Enchanted Cottages’ website. The collection was inspired by and originally based on capturing a reflection of a bygone rural British life and the pieces look stunning in a garden setting.



More recently, Roger started accepting commissions. Designing and producing replica models at the clients request, with the highest attention to detail and he produces work of quality and style. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your own unique piece of hand crafted artwork.