2014-05-18-15.18These charming and delightful miniature stone dwellings are the perfect adornment to any garden, rockery or flowerbed.

View the complete range of ‘Enchanted Cottages’ in the Gallery and click on your selected design for further information. However, no two cottages are the same. They can be built to your specification and individual requirements, so you can be certain that your cottage will be absolutely unique. They can be made using your choice of stone, and the roofs can be slate, tile or even thatch!

And you are not just limited to cottages. Roger J. Davies has designed a ‘Fairy Tower’ range, Water mill, Church, and ‘ Enchanted Castle’ available for purchase so you can create your own fairy world or village. Also, Roger will undertake  commissions for specific bespoke projects so do get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

With an ‘Enchanted Cottage’ creation nestled amongst your flowers, friends and neighbours will believe you really do have fairies at the bottom of your garden.

Take a quick look through a selection of  cottages. Click on thumbnail to view.


See how Roger went from building real houses to creating these Enchanted Cottages.

As a builder by trade, Roger Davies has spent most of his working life shinning up and down ladders working on real buildings. Now he has started putting those same skills into practise to create these lovely miniature cottages. This picture gallery shows you step-by-step how he uses conventional building techniques to create these garden ornaments that will stand the test of time in all weather.